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  1. The contract for hire is between you as the hirer and SRB , hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’ and made under English law subject to the conditions referred to on the web site.
  2. The company reserves the right to decline to accept a booking and/or refuse to hire a boat to any person or group where in the sole opinion of the company, the boat is not suitable for the person or for any member of the group. In particular the company will not accept a booking from or hire a boat to persons less than 18 years of age and proof of age may be required in the form of either a photo driving license or passport.
  3. The company reserves the right to repossess the boat and terminate the hire at any time where an accident or damage has occurred, or in the sole opinion of the company is likely to occur. In such cases the company will not be liable to make a refund of the hire charges paid or any portion thereof and there shall be no other liability on the company whatsoever.
  4. If the company is prevented by circumstances beyond its control from making available a boat which has been booked and cannot provide a suitable alternative, the company will refund any hire charges paid but no further liability will be accepted.
  5. The seating capacity for each boat is shown on the company’s web site, the boat handover form and displayed on every boat, is the maximum number of persons permitted aboard the said boat and this must not be exceeded under any circumstances.
  6. During the period of hire, you as the hirer are deemed to be ‘the captain’ in charge of the boat unless another member of the party (who must not be less than 18 years of age) is appointed to this role by you and notified to the company before commencement of the hire or subsequently in the event of an emergency. The captain is responsible for the care and use of the boat and its equipment, for their own safety and for the safety and conduct of all members of the party being either crew or passengers. However, if another member of the party is appointed by you as captain, you as the hirer remain ultimately responsible under your contract for hire and you must ensure that the appointed captain and the other members of the party have all the information they need in this context.
  7. The use of the boats is restricted to the main channel of the non-tidal navigable parts of the River Thames within limits which will vary according to the period of the hire. Advice on this will be provided by the company, but it is your responsibility to organize use of the boat in such a manner that will enable it to be returned to the company on time at the end of your period of hire (see condition 10).
  8. The company will not be liable for any deaths, illness or personal injuries or for the loss or damage of any property (including any vehicles left at SRB and/or the contents of such vehicles) unless caused by a negligent act and/or omission of the company (or its employees whilst they are acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment) in the context of your contract for hire. Any claims against the company for hire must be notified to the company immediately or as soon as is practicable and in any event no later than 30 days after the date of hire. Such notification must be given in writing but if it is initially given verbally, it must then be confirmed in writing to the company no later than 30 days after the date of hire.
  9. The boat must be navigated safely and in accordance with the Thames Navigation General and Licensing Bye Laws 1993 and any subsequent amendments thereto (copies are posted on public notice boards at all locks on the River Thames). The Bye Laws include a speed limit which must be observed, and you are totally responsible for any fines or penalties arising from any breach of this condition during your period of hire. You must comply with any instructions given to you by the company, lock keepers and all environment agency staff.
  10. The boat and all its equipment must be returned to the company’s boatyard on time at the end of your period of hire in a clean and tidy condition. If the boat is returned late, you will be liable for extra charges which will be assessed by the company. The late return charge is calculated on Double the normal hourly rate for the boat hired with part hours being counted as whole hours. The company reserves the right at its sole discretion to impose higher charges in the event of unreasonably late returns. The company may also make a charge of up to the full security deposit paid if the boat and its equipment are not returned in a clean and tidy condition.
  11. On arrival you will be required to pay a security deposit of £500 which can be paid by cash unless otherwise agreed. The deposit will be held by the company as security against damage, loss of equipment, breakages, accidents, late returns, boats returned dirty and/or to third parties. If none has occurred, the security deposit will be released on return of the boat, but the company reserves the right to first deduct any charges arising under conditions 9 & 10.
  12. Due to previous damage and behaviour problems, we do not take bookings for all male or all female groups, unless previously hired from us and the boat was returned on time and in a clean and tidy condition. On arrival you will need to show photo ID and you will be required to pay a £1000 CASH security deposit.
  13. The descriptions of the boats contained within the web site and brochure are for guidance only, the company reserves the right to make changes in the light of operating requirements. Illustrations are only examples of the type of boat available and although the boat hired will be of the same class it may not necessarily be identical.


Please note that all the land along the river is Private so be prepared to pay a mooring fee to the Landowner if you moor up. Do not moor if there are NO MOORING signs displayed.