To pre-pay on arrival or if you miss me during your stay email me for payment request for credit card debit card or bacs payment

Paypal users can pay straight to my email

If you miss me email me for a payment request

Paypal users can send direct by using my email address use your boat name and location as a reference

No boats to be left unattended overnightwithout prior permission

Rates for out of Regattas and Event days/nights

For Rates and informationduring regattas and events email me

None Commercial rates

Temple Island Meadows  £10

Regatta £10

Culden faw £10

Westfield £7

Commercial Rates

email me to arrange and check availability 

Pre-arranged prices before the day as below

Non pre-arranged commercial are charged at x2 the below rate

Small craft up to 12 passengers £20

Larger craft  any amount of passengers £50