1. SRB Motorhome Caravan Riverside Campsite and SRB Moorings will not accept anyone under the age of 21 unless accompanied by an adult.
  2. Unit and number of people must be registered, and all fees paid before arrival.
  3. All car registrations must be given at time of booking.
  4.  Motorhome tow cars are free. Any additional cars & boat trailers are charged at time of booking.
  5. All units MUST have onboard toilet facilities, a toilet tent is permitted as long as it is butted up against the vehicle.
  6. NO VISITORS OR CARS/TRAILERS AT ANYTIME, this is a weekend getaway site and vehicle movement kept to a minimum. 
  7. For Fire & Safety Regulations please ensure that you follow the pitch/parking instructions illustrated below. Sleeping in awnings is not permitted because of the Safety Regulations.
  8. All rubbish must be taken home with you and while on site do not leave outside as it attracts dogs & vermin. Do not leave your rubbish in the public bins at the bottom of the lane.
  9. No fires under any circumstances. You will be asked to leave immediately if a camp fire is lit.
  10. BBQ's and fire pits are permitted as long as they are on legs and the grass protected. You must have a way of extinguishing quickly in case of emergency
  11. The gate onto the river field must be kept closed and locked at all times.  
  12. Please do not put anything other than human waste and toilet tissue down the Elsan point.  We have our own sewage system and anything other than toilet tissue blocks our pump which has to be manually removed.  Please place wet wipes, and sanitary items etc in a bin.
  13. No noise or driving around the site after 11pm.  If you do return after 11pm, please park your car in the car park and walk to your pitch. If you wish to leave before 8am please arrange with SRB as we have to consider the other campers.
  14. Please keep to a maximum speed limit of 5 mph throughout the site. 
  15. NO generators are permitted.
  16. No loud music on site, SRB Motorhome Caravan Campsite is a quiet caravan and camping site, please respect other campers.
  17. All guests are asked to be considerate to other site users at all times.
  18. All pitches must be vacated by 3.00pm on the day of departure unless other arrangements are made beforehand.
  19. Children must be accompanied  at all times by an adult, please make sure children are supervised by the waterside as we will not be held responsible for any accidents.  No ball games near the motorhomes and caravans, the space at the rear of the vans is permitted for ball games.
  20. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times around the marked out site and pitches with due consideration to other people at all times (dogs must not be left unattended). Pick up your dog faeces, there is a dog poo bin just outside the gate at the bottom of field 2.
  21. It's a large field so dogs can be exercised on-site away from the camping area.
  22. There is a public right of way along the river so expect walkers, children and dogs.
  23. The site is a farm field so expect sheep/lambs in the adjacent field. Be aware of any wildlife nearby.
  24. No sleeping in the awning.



  1. Up to 21 days of arrival date: Full refund minus £25.00 booking fee.
    Less than 21 days of arrival date: No refund under any circumstances.
  2. No refunds will be given for early termination of stay under ANY circumstances.
  3. WATER - We cannot guarantee the amount of water pressure or water quantity on-site.
  4. INSURANCE - all customers are responsible for their own insurance and all units must be insured.
  5. SRB reserve the right to terminate your stay if you fail to adhere to any of these conditions. 
  6. SRB reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time.
  7. The site is used at your own risk so act responsibly in and around the water. SRB will not take any responsibility for accidents etc.
  8. SRB will not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to property whilst staying on the site.